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Buildings with the most interesting roofing systems in Oklahoma

Buildings with the most interesting roofing systems in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a place where the wind sweeps down the plain, and the architecture tells stories as rich and varied as the state’s history itself. From Oklahoma City to the small towns dotting the landscape, some of the most compelling tales are told not just through brick and mortar but through the roofs that crown these structures. Let’s journey across the Sooner State, where we’ll uncover the marvels of architectural ingenuity, one roof at a time.

Oklahoma’s Architectural Crown: A Tour of Iconic Roofs Across the Sooner State

1. Oklahoma State Capitol, Oklahoma City:

Oklahoma State Capitol Dome, Oklahoma City

Dominating the skyline, the Oklahoma State Capitol’s dome is a spectacle of art and history. Reminiscent of the grandeur of Michelangelo’s work in St. Peter’s Basilica, this copper-clad masterpiece is a beacon of strength and freedom, symbolized by the 36 regal eagle statues perched around it. Venture inside, and you’ll be mesmerized by the mosaic ceiling, a visual narrative of Oklahoma’s rich past.

2. Tulsa Philharmonie, Tulsa:

In Tulsa, architecture meets music in the form of the Tulsa Philharmonie’s roof. This modern marvel, often likened to a ‘flying saucer’, features a captivating copper roof that seems to float, its sweeping curves mirroring the rhythm of music, adding a contemporary edge to the city’s skyline.

3. Bartlesville Community Center, Bartlesville:

Bartlesville Community Center, Bartlesville Oklahoma

Prepare to step into a storybook at the Bartlesville Community Center. Its enchanting slate roof is a canvas of imagination, with tiles intricately carved into mythical beings. This roofing really doesn’t just protect; it transports you to a world of medieval fantasy.

4. Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve, Tahlequah:

Harmony with nature is the theme at the Woolaroc Museum. Its Prairie Deco style is accentuated by a low-profile, earth-toned clay tile roof. The clever use of skylights invites the outside in, creating a serene, natural ambiance that complements its wildlife preserve setting.

5. Cherokee Nation Cultural Center, Tahlequah:

A tribute to Cherokee traditions, the Cultural Center’s roof is a poetic interpretation of seven feathers converging – a symbol of unity and wisdom. The copper panels, with their ever-changing patina, mirror the natural cycle of seasons, embodying the tribe’s deep connection with the earth.

6. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville:

Just over the border in Arkansas, Crystal Bridges Museum is a nod to sustainable design. Its living green roof, flourishing with native plants, not only conserves energy but also acts as a living piece of art, effortlessly blending with the Ozark landscape.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville Oklahoma

7. Tulsa BOK Center, Tulsa:

The BOK Center’s retractable roof is a marvel, a feat of modern engineering. With the ability to transform from a closed arena to an open-air venue in minutes, it’s a testament to the innovative spirit that drives Tulsa’s architectural and commercial scene.

8. Ponca City Art Center, Ponca City:

Ponca City Art Center, Ponca City

Image Credit : MichaelStano

Frank Lloyd Wright’s influence shines in the Art Center’s dynamic roofline. The vibrant ceramic tiles, laid out in a zig-zag pattern, echo the energy and creativity that thrums within its walls, a true celebration of the arts.

9. Pawhuska Osage Nation Tribal Council Building, Pawhuska:

Drawing inspiration from ancient architecture, the Osage Nation Tribal Council Building features a stepped pyramid roof adorned with copper and geometric patterns. It stands as a proud emblem of the Osage Nation’s enduring legacy and cultural pride.

10. Oklahoma State University Edmon Low Library, Stillwater:

Oklahoma State University Edmon Low Library, Stillwater

The Edmon Low Library is a study of Brutalist beauty. Its cascading concrete and metal roofing and forms create an interplay of light and shadow, offering sheltered outdoor spaces that foster community and connection among students.

As we journey across Oklahoma, it’s clear that the roofs do more than shelter; they speak. They tell stories of heritage, innovation, and imagination. So, the next time you’re exploring the Sooner State, don’t forget to look up and appreciate the tales etched on the rooftops. From the grandeur of the State Capitol to the whimsical shapes of the roof systems of the Bartlesville Community Center, each roof is a chapter in Oklahoma’s architectural narrative, endlessly pushing the boundaries of design and function. And remember, if you want your commercial roofing needs met by a great company, call Roof Pro Local today!

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