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Roofing Services for Insurance Agents

If you’re a local insurance agent in the Oklahoma City Metro Area in need of a roofing contractor to partner with, choose the professionals at Roof Pro Local. Our team has over 10 years of experience working with insurance companies when it comes to their clients’ roof repairs and replacements.

We understand how valuable your customers are to you, which is why our priority is to treat them with the same quality service you do, offering our Roof Pro Local Preferred Customer Program.

Before your customer files a claim, have one of Roof Pro Local’s qualified inspectors take a look to check out the extent of the damage with a FREE inspection. The damages may not exceed the deductible and, in many cases, a zero-pay claim can reflect poorly on the insured party’s record. In extreme cases, it can even cause a policy cancellation.

Roof Pro Local also offers insurance agencies a FREE, comprehensive and entertaining “lunch and learn” program. You and your staff can enjoy a catered lunch while learning about the ever-changing roofing industry.

For more information, call (405) 886-7663. With Roof Pro Local, your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

Roof Pro Local's Preferred Customer Program

As a referral to Roof Pro Local, your customer automatically qualifies as a “preferred customer,” which means they can receive the following upgrades at NO extra charge:

Roofing services for Real Estate Agents

Due to the all-too-common unstable weather patterns in Oklahoma, area roofs sustain minor damages every year. These can go unnoticed for years until a house is sold and damage is discovered as part of a home inspection. However, most of these roof damages only require minor repairs.

Repairs may be minor, but the timing can be major. This is why Roof Pro Local has developed our “No Haggle Roof Repair” pricing guide to expedite minor roof repairs.

Additionally, your referrals as a real estate agent automatically qualify you as a Roof Pro Local Preferred Customer. This means a home that requires a full roof replacement qualifies for those benefits as well.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!

  1. Contact us with the following information: name, address of repair and level of repair.
  2. We’ll make all repairs within 48 hours.
  3. Payment is collected during closing.
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