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How Long Does It Take to Replace a Commercial Roof?

We at Roof Pro Local know that replacing a commercial roof comes with a lot of questions. Rest assured that we will help you through the process and give you advice based on our 20 years of experience in being roofing contractors in the Oklahoma City roofing industry.

Commercial Roof Replacements: Everything You Need to Know

Undertaking a commercial roof replacement is no small feat—it’s an essential venture that directly affects both the safety and value of your business property. As your roofing system serves as the frontline defense against the elements, maintaining its integrity is of paramount importance.

The process of replacing a commercial roof is intricate, involving several crucial steps to ensure long-lasting results for commercial buildings. It all starts with the removal of the existing roof, a task carefully handled to mitigate any potential damage to the property.

Once the old roofing system is out of the picture, a thorough inspection of the underlying structure is conducted. This step uncovers any hidden damage or weaknesses in the roof deck that could impact the longevity of your new roof. Any necessary repairs or reinforcements are carried out at this stage to ensure a solid foundation for the new roofing system.

Next, the installation of the new roof takes place. Depending on the material chosen, this step can involve a range of tasks, from securing insulation layers to attaching roofing membranes and finally sealing and waterproofing the roof structure.

The role of experienced professionals in this complex process cannot be overstated. They bring not only the required technical skills but also the knowledge of local building codes, safety standards, and the foresight to identify and address potential challenges. Their expertise guarantees a successful and durable commercial roof replacement, thus solidifying your property’s safety and value.

An Overview of Commercial Roof Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing a commercial roof depends on a lot of different things, like the size of the roof, the type of roofing materials used, the location of the building, how hard the installation is, and the time of year. On average, replacing a business roof costs between $3.50 and $7.50 per square foot.

The time it takes to replace your commercial roof depends on the size of the roof, the type of roof system being installed, the weather, and the state of the building itself. Most of the time, replacing a commercial roof can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. In the process, the old roof has to be taken off, the roof deck has to be inspected and fixed, the new roof system has to be put in place, and the site has to be cleaned up.

It’s important to understand that replacing a roof is a big job that needs careful planning. The process can make noise and stop your business from running as usual. But a reliable and experienced contractor like Roof Pro Local can work with you to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible and cause the least amount of trouble.

The size of the roof (measured in square feet), the type and quality of the roofing material used, the complexity of the roof’s design, the time it takes to install, and the cost of labor in your area are all used to figure out how much it will cost to replace your commercial roof.

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What are the biggest factors I need to consider when replacing my commercial roof?

When it comes to replacing your commercial roof, there are several key considerations that you should take into account:

Current Roof’s Age and Condition:

The lifespan of a roof varies depending on its material. For example, a typical asphalt shingle roof might last 20 years, while some metal roofs or tile roofs can last significantly longer. If your roof is reaching the end of its expected lifespan, or if it’s showing signs of significant wear and tear or damage, replacement might be the most cost-effective option.

Type of New Roofing System:

There are numerous roofing systems available, each with its own benefits, drawbacks, and aesthetic appeal. For commercial flat roofs for instance, single-ply roofing (like TPO or EPDM) might be suitable for flat roofs, while pitched roofs might be better suited to materials like metal or asphalt shingles. The best choice depends on your building’s architecture, your climate, and your budget.

Business Operations:

A roof replacement can be a significant project, often involving noise, vibrations, and some level of disruption. It’s important to consider how this could impact your daily operations and plan accordingly. At Roof Pro Local, we work closely with you to schedule work at the most convenient times and maintain as much normalcy as possible.


The cost of a commercial roof replacement can vary widely based on factors like roof size, chosen materials, and labor costs. Establishing a realistic budget that accounts for both the upfront costs of a finished roof and the potential long-term savings of a more durable or energy-efficient roof is essential.

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Roofing Contractor:

Perhaps one of the most critical factors to consider is your choice of roofing contractor. Look for a contractor with a solid reputation, extensive experience in commercial roofing, and the necessary licensures and insurance.

At Roof Pro Local, we bring over two decades of experience, demonstrating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in every project.

Taking the time to carefully consider each of these factors can help ensure that your commercial roof replacement project is a successful investment, enhancing your property’s safety, value, and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Roof Replacement

The need for replacement depends largely on the type of roof, its exposure to severe weather, and how well it has been maintained. On average, commercial roofs can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years. Regular inspections can help identify when a roof is nearing the end of its serviceable life.

Not all issues require a full roof replacement. Minor leaks or localized damage may be repairable. However, pervasive problems, significant storm damage, or an aging roof may necessitate a complete replacement for long-term stability.

Regular inspections and maintenance can greatly extend the life of your roof. Promptly addressing small issues can prevent them from developing into major problems. Consider partnering with a reliable service provider like Roof Pro Local for a comprehensive roof maintenance plan.

The “best” system depends on various factors, including your building’s design, geographic location, and budget. Options range from single-ply membranes like TPO and EPDM to metal roofing or built-up roofing. We at Roof Pro Local can guide you in selecting the system that best fits your specific needs.

The duration of disruption depends on the size and complexity of your roof, as well as weather conditions. However, a dedicated roofing partner like Roof Pro Local will work closely with you to minimize disruption, scheduling work during off-peak hours or during a planned closure if possible.

How do I know if my commercial roof needs to be replaced?

Signs that your commercial roof may need a replacement include persistent leaks, significant damage from storms, age (most commercial roofs last between 20-30 years), high energy bills (which may indicate poor insulation), and visible wear and tear.

Trust Roof Pro Local

At Roof Pro Local, we understand the complexity and significance of a commercial roof replacement. With over two decades of experience in the Oklahoma City metro area, we’re more than just a roofing company—we’re your partners in ensuring your commercial property’s safety, efficiency, and value.

Our expert team is well-equipped to handle every stage of the roof replacement process, from initial inspections to final installations, offering personalized solutions that best fit your needs. We respect your time and your business operations, striving to deliver prompt, reliable service with minimal disruption.

By choosing Roof Pro Local for your commercial roof replacement, you’re choosing proven expertise, uncompromising quality, and a commitment to your satisfaction. Your property is a valuable asset, and we’re here to help you protect it. Let’s begin your roofing journey together.

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